Tailored school transport

The STIF assumes responsibility for the school transport costs of disabled pupils, apprentices and students  and students who cannot use public transport, either due to the inappropriateness of the latter or due to the seriousness of their handicap.

The conditions of this service are described in the " National rules   for school transport of disabled pupils and students ".

The beneficiaries of the service are the pupils, apprentices or students who reside in the Ile-de-France and who attend a general teaching or vocational school, albeit public or private and under contract with the State (for the pupils), an Apprenticeship Training Centre (for apprentices), a higher education establishment under the supervisory authority of the Ministry for Education or Agriculture (for the students)..

A favourable opinion for transport management by the STIF must be obtained from the Maison départementale du Handicap (MDPH) that the pupil, apprentice or student comes under according to their place of residence.

Except in specific cases, the transport provided will be for a daily return trip during the school term. It can take a variety of forms:

First of all, the introduction of the transport service by the STIF (taxis, ambulances, VSL, transport company), depending on where the person lives, the school attended and the specific needs of the pupils.

Where required, reimbursement of the journeys travelled with one's personal vehicle, on the basis of a price per kilometre decided on by the STIF, and on presentation of an attendance certificate for the school.

Lastly, reimbursement of the transport costs incurred by the family, on presentation of the bills paid and on presentation of an attendance certificate for the school.

Requests for funding must be sent:

  • For Paris and the départements (counties) of the Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and the Val-de-Marne, to the Service Transports scolaires Paris-Petite-Couronne / STIF 39bis-41 rue de Châteaudun 75009 PARIS
  • For the Yvelines département (county), to the Service Transports scolaires 78 / STIF 2 rue de Marly 78154 LE CHESNAY, for the département (county) of the Val-d’Oise, to the Service transports scolaires 95 / STIF 21-23 rue du Petit Ably 95520 CERGY-SAINT-CHRISTOPHE
  • For the Essonne département (county), to the Conseil général de l’Essonne, Hôtel du Département Boulevard de France 91012 EVRY CEDEX
  • For the Seine-et-Marne département (county), to the Conseil général de la Seine-et-Marne Hôtel du Département 77010 MELUN CEDEX

  Download the service rules (link to the service rules in pdf)


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