Benefit from reduced fares

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Depending on your situation, you can benefit from reductions on the price of your journeys.

The "free" Améthyste (Amethyst) card, the Emeraude (Emerald) and Rubis (Ruby) cards

The "free" Améthyste (Amethyst) card, the Emeraude (Emerald) and Rubis (Ruby) cards that are valid for a year. These subscriptions give the right to free travel in Ile-de-France on the regular RATP lines, on the SNCF Transilien lines and on the OPTILE network except for the Orlyval.

Conditions of use

Disabled or elderly persons who meet the criteria regarding their income or status can obtain the card. For example: persons aged over 60 or 65, veterans and war widows.

The "free" Améthyste (Amethyst) card, the Emeraude (Emerald) and Rubis (Ruby) cards are purchased by the départements (counties) and Paris that decide on the categories of beneficiaries.

Financial participation of the traveller can be requested by your county or by Paris.

The "free" Améthyste (Amethyst) card

You may use it on the RATP logo networks, Transilien SNCF logo.

Émeraude (Emerald) card

This is reserved for persons who live in Paris.
Provided exclusively by the City of Paris, it is valid in the Metro logo, the RER (Zone 1), the bus (including the Noctilien logo) in Paris and on the suburban lines only for their part in Paris.

Rubis (Ruby) card

It is valid only on the OPTILE network, not including the tourist routes.

Important !

These subscriptions are not valid on the airport service lines or for the special fare OPTILE lines.

How to obtain them?

  • Améthyste (Amethyst) and Rubis (Ruby) cards: From the local town hall or from the département (county) of residence.
  • Emeraude (Emerald) card: Centres d’action sociale (Social Action Centres) of the City of Paris.

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