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The www.infomobi.com Web site and all the sub-sections are a STIF service.

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Head of Publicatio : Sophie MOUGARD

Technical description


This site is hosted by Prosodie (www.prosodie.fr)

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This site was developed by  Sword (www.sword-group.com)

Compliance with the Data Protection legislation.

In compliance with the law of 6 January 1978 that pertains to information technology, databases and civil liberties, the present site formed the subject of a declaration of automatic processing of personal data to the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL).

No personal information is communicated to a third party. The information is only collected :

  • on the one hand, to enable you, if you wish, to receive by SMS or by e-mail the warnings on the status of the elevators on the Ile-de-France rail network ,
  • and on the other hand, in order to manage your request and for the purpose of internal statistics for the Syndicat des Transports d’Ile-de-France (STIF).

In compliance with the law of 6 January 1978 that pertains to information technology, databases and civil liberties, any person who leaves nominative information about themselves on the present Internet site has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete information concerning them.

These rights can be exercised via a written request that is sent by post to the following address :

39 bis – 41 rue de Châteaudun
75009 Paris
Tél : 01-47-53-28-00

Or via the form in the Contact section.

The site records certain pieces of information on your computer using "cookies". The cookie does not make it possible to identify you. It records information relative to the browsing on the www.infomobi.com site and relating to the favourites you have saved. This information will facilitate your browsing during your future visits.

You can oppose the recording of the cookies by configuring your browser with this aim in mind.

Intellectual property rights

"All the textual and graphic elements contained within this site come under French and International legislation on copyright and intellectual property."

Reproduction of the texts from this site is authorised on paper, on an exceptional basis, within a strictly educational framework and on condition that the three following cumulative conditions are met : distribution free of charge, respect for the integrity of the documents reproduced and a clear and legible statement of the address of the www.infomobi.com site as the source of information.

The contents and the shaping of the database that make up the site are protected by the French legislation in force. Any non-authorised extraction of the elements that comprise the database, albeit quantitative or qualitative can give rise to legal proceedings.

Any use of all or part of the elements from this site, including logos and trademarks that are regularly registered with the national offices for intellectual property outside the conditions announced above is a forgery.

For any non-authorised use in the conditions announced, please consult us via the form located in the Contact section.



The present site is purely informative. Its vocation is not to provide transportation tickets.

The data featured on the present site is provided form information only. The information on times, journeys, traffic transportation ticket prices or other have been provided to the STIF by the carriers and are the sole responsibility of the latter.

The STIF cannot be held responsible for mistakes due to erroneous information provided by operators, notably times communicated to the STIF that turn out to be inexact.

Consequently, the publisher of this site cannot guarantee the exactitude of the data provided on the date mentioned.

The STIF regularly updates the site, according to the time changes that it receives from the operators. However, the update of the present site can take some time after the effective application of the new times. This depends on the date on which the new times are provided by the operators and also the inevitable time lag between the Site's updates (weekly updates).

Any decision made by a person who consults this site in the light of the data that it contains will be the sole responsibility of that person".".


The user of the present site is responsible for damages of any kind, albeit material or immaterial, direct or indirect, caused to any third party, including to the STIF due to the illicit use or exploitation of the STIF site itself and/or of one of its elements, whatever the cause and the place where the damages occur, and guaranties the STIF against the consequences of any claims or actions that it could, as a result, form the subject of.

The user of the STIF site waives the right to exercise any recourse against it, in the case of legal proceedings conducted against them by a third party due to the use and /or illicit exploitation of the STIF site.



The STIF reserves the right to engage the responsibility of any author of a hyperlink who:

  • has not requested prior permission from the STIF or has gone against the refusal expressed by the latter and has established a link pointing to a page other than the site's homepage,
  • has not respected the copyright and more generally speaking the intellectual property rights related to the elements in the Site, notably by referring in their link to a brand quoted in the site,
  • has not clearly identified the contents of each site (source and target) in order to avoid any confusion in the minds of Internet users.

Any reuse, in the source codes of a page or an Internet site, of a trademark, trade name, shop name or more generally speaking a distinctive sign that figures on the present site is a counterfeit that can give rise to legal proceedings.

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