Experiment in progress

An experimental service that enables those in a wheelchair to access the public transport network from all the stations.

As of October 2012, the STIF launched an experimental service offering those in a wheelchair the possibility of gaining access to the rail or road stops that are part of the Francilien public transport network and that are accessed from any Ile-de-France station, except from the few RATP stations that are not accessible (RER B: Orsay Ville – Lozère - la Croix de Berny. RER A: Nanterre Université).

The organisation of this service has been entrusted to the SNCF and reservations are managed by the Accès Plus Transilien central office.


If you are in a wheelchair and are leaving for an non-accessible station, a specialised road haulier equipped with the appropriate vehicle will come and collect you and will drop you off at the most accessible station or most practical bus line, hence enabling you to continue your journey normally.

This service must be booked at the latest the day before your journey before 8pm with the booking office at the same number as Accès Plus Transilien (0 810 767 433) and does not give rise to any extra cost for you in relation to the price of a ticket if you had been able to complete your journey normally by train or RER on the Francilien network.

The information and the instructions for use of the service are available on the transilien.com site,under the heading PRM accessibility.

You need personalised assistance ? Contact us on 09 70 81 83 85 or by e-mail