Disabled travellers

This section is designed for persons in a wheelchair.

It groups together all the information and services that will enable you to travel on the Francilien public transport networks.

Before, during or after the journey, our operators are available to answer all your questions. Please feel free to request their assistance.

By consulting the pages of this section, you will find:  

A map  of the stops and stations that are accessible and the bus lines for Paris and the inner suburb, (zones 1 and 2).  

The full table of the bus lines, stations and stops equipped with special equipment :  bus with pallet, elevators, gates, etc.

Consult these tables to prepare your journey or even better, print them so as to keep them with you.

A presentation of the services that the call centre can provide you with, notably the itineraries, and advice for when you travel, before and after your journey. 

You need personalised assistance ? Contact us on 09 70 81 83 85 or by e-mail